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What makes HealthNOW unique?

How soon before I see changes in how I feel?

Why can't I just take a drug and make the pain go away?

Gluten Intolerance & Celiac Disease

Why haven't I heard about gluten allergies before?

Why is gluten so bad for me?

If bread and wheat were bad, wouldn't more doctors know about it?

Is wheat grass OK to eat?

Physical Therapy

Do you put your patients on exercise programs?

If I just exercise more won't all my problems go away?

Can bad posture really be changed?

My daughter plays tennis and her coach is constantly telling her that her “Hammies” are very tight. She is 13 yrs old. How can she be have tight Hamstrings?

My 17 month old child stands with his feet inverted (walking on the outside of his feet). It prevents him from walking straight. Is that normal? Will he grow out of it?

Clinical Nutrition

Is there any research to support the type of lab tests you provide?

How do saliva tests work?

Why doesn't my regular doctor do the kind of lab tests you do?

Why do you use specialized lab tests?

Do you really get rid of allergies?

Do you work with one specific vitamin company?

Do I really need to take supplements when I eat well?

Why can't I just take vitamins instead of changing my diet?

Why doesn't my regular doctor tell me to change my diet and/or lifestyle?

I changed my diet recently and I actually feel worse, why?

I've tried diets before and I couldn't stick with them, why will yours be any different?

Why is it important to change my diet?

Is anti-aging possible?

Do you work with natural hormones?

Why haven't I heard about adrenal malfunction before?


How does chiropractic care fit into overall health?

If I injure myself, how soon after the injury should I come in for a chiropractic adjustment?

How can chiropractic help my acid reflux?

Weight Loss Program

If I just lose weight won't all my problems go away?

How soon can I expect to see a change in the scale?

How did you create your weight loss program? Is it from a book?


Can I afford care when I have no insurance?

Why aren't you a part of my HMO?

Why aren't you an in-network provider?

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