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15% of Children with ADHD Have Celiac Disease

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Important Connection between ADHD & Celiac Disease Revealed

There has been much discussion about the association of celiac disease and ADHD. Fortunately more studies are coming out and they seem to be consistent in the increased incidence of celiac disease in those children diagnosed with ADHD. 

The general population is estimated to show a 1% to 4% incidence of celiac disease. The increasing incidence above 1% occurs with increased age. 

However a recent study out of Germany had the incidence of celiac disease at an astounding 15% in children affected with ADHD. Reports from parents noticing a dramatic change in their child's behavior once beginning a gluten-free (often combined with a dairy-free) diet have been relegated too often to the 'circumstantial' category. This study begins to lead some objective credence to what parents have been noticing for many years.

Gluten-free Diet Yields Amazing Improvement

The study consisted of 67 children diagnosed with ADHD with an average age of 11. A full 15% or 10 of the children were found to have celiac disease.

Understand that compared to the general population of a similar age this is a 15-fold increase of the disease. [Reference: H. Niederhofer, " Association of attention-deficit/hperactivity disorders and celiac disease: a brief report". Primary Care Companion: CNS Disorders, Vol. 13, 2011] 

Every single child discovered to have celiac disease showed a reduction of ADHD symptoms after beginning a gluten-free diet. A quote from the study is this: "Remarkable enhancement of their attention and behavioral control" was cited as the reason why 70% of the parents involved chose to maintain a gluten-free diet with their child at the conclusion of the study. 

Another spectrum disorder, autism, is also believed to be linked to gluten intolerance, even more so than celiac disease, according to Dr Alessio Fasano. One wonders if, in the above ADHD study, what incidence of gluten intolerance would have been revealed had the researchers included that diagnosis in the children evaluated. Based on my findings and those of others in this field, I would hazard to say that it would be significant. 

Unfortunately spectrum disorders such as ADD, ADHD and autism are on the rise. If they haven't personally touched your family the odds are that you know someone whose life has been touched by these disorders in some way.

Share this Information with Others - Help a Child!

Please show this blog to these people. Even if it was 2 in 100 children affected, it would be worthwhile. But we now realize that the numbers are likely 15 in 100 with celiac disease and it is unknown the number with gluten sensitivity, but it is likely above the general population that weighs in at 10%. 

I guarantee that you will do someone a great deal of good by giving them this information. Imagine the joy you'll feel knowing that you freed a child from the trap of one of these debilitating conditions, simply by helping their family discover they have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. 

As always, I and my team are here to help you, your friends and family. We continue to help more and more individuals with each passing year and month and it is our great delight to do so. Please take advantage of a free health analysis if your health is not at the level that you would like it to be. 

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