Gluten intolerance & Cross Reactive Foods

on Jun6
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Avoiding gluten diligently but still not feeling well. Cross reactive foods may very well be your answer. Learn more from a doctor and author.

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  1. Lori


    Dr. Vikki,

    Thank you sooo much for this video on cross-reactive foods.
    This is exactly what I needed right now.

    I had already ordered the Cyrex panels for Cross-Reactivity and Intestinal Permeability
    and this video greatly helped me validate/explain things to my family.

    I’m looking forward to receiving my results and perhaps finally making sense of things.
    Now I just need to find a doctor locally to help me work through the findings.

    Once again… I am greatly appreciative!
    So glad that the awareness of food sensitivity is on the rise.


    06 Jun
  2. Nicole


    What is the Cross reactive Food test?

    06 Jun
  3. 3

    Hello NIcole,

    The cross reactive food test is used to determine if your body is reacting to any foods other than gluten. Specifically “cross reactive” refers to a situation whereby the body confuses the protein structure of other grains and dairy products for gluten. In other words someone could be cross reactive to corn and their body would react to it as if it actually was gluten. This situation should only be temporary but if left undiagnosed can be the cause of an unhealed small intestine or a continued “leaky gut”.

    It explains why some patients feel that they are getting exposed to gluten when they aren’t or why they continue to feel ill despite being very vigilant on their diet.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can answer any further questions. Feel free to call us here at the clinic: 408-733-0400.

    To your good health,
    Dr Vikki

    06 Jun
  4. 4

    Awesome information! Just share this video, linking to this page, on my blog. Dr. Vikki rocks!

    06 Jun
  5. Emily


    Hi, Dr. Vikki I am a celiac (diagnosed 4+ years ago after many years of illness) who maintains a very strict GF diet. Many of my symptoms (migraine headaches, joint swelling and pain, brain fog) were almost entirely alleviated with the start of the GF diet, while my gasto symptoms remained relatively severe. I have in the past two years had an increasingly frequent and severe return of my other symptoms, and after working closely with my gastro doctor and PCP have not found any glaringly obvious causes- IgA bloodwork came back clear, so no cross-contamination issues, biopsies showed no Crohns in my colon or colitis (ulcerative or microscopic), my thyroid is healthy, vitamin levels are normal (iron is low), and I otherwise appear to be well. I approached both my gastro doctor and PCP about being tested for food allergies or cross-reactive foods, as I am almost certain this is the cause of my problems (I have been getting mouth ulcers, swollen cracked lips, rashes on my face and neck with my headaches, joint issues, and tummy troubles). Neither doctor seemed sure what to test for and tried to send me back to an allergist (who told me to talk to my gastro doctor, who told me to talk to my PCP, who told me to talk to the allergist again!). I’m feeling worse by the day (I’ve developed an allergy to cold temperatures, breaking out in severe hives when I’m outside and it’s below 50 degrees or so- not convenient in Western, PA), and am exhausted most of the time. I was so pleased to find out why I wasn’t feeling well before with my celiac diagnosis, and am frustrated to feel like I’m starting almost from scratch again- despite my diligence in maintaining my diet. I’m only 28 and am tired of slugging through my days! I wonder if you could please tell me what lab tests you would recommend that I ask for? I feel like if I have something specific to request we might get to the bottom of this sooner. Is the labwork something that I can do locally through my health insurance? That I’d have to send away for and pay out of pocket? I would appreciate any suggestions that you have. I’m glad to have come across your site!

    06 Jun
  6. 6

    Hello Emily,

    Please call us at the office and we can set up a phone consultation. (408-733-0400) You are very young and there is no good reason for you to continue putting up with all these symptoms. We can discuss this in more depth and work out a way for you to get the testing you need.

    I look forward to speaking with you.

    Dr Vikki

    06 Jun
  7. 7

    Hello Dr. Vicki,

    I was wondering if you have any advice for women suffering from infertility related to Celiac Disease? I have not been given a diagnosis of Celiac Disease but, I am considering trying this diet because I have had unexplained infertility for 9 years. At this point I am willing to try anything to have a baby!Recently I had a exploratory lap for abdominal pain and infertility. I think my Reproductive Endocrinologist was expecting to find endometrosis. However, the only thing that was abnormal was that I had scarring on my intestines. I don’t understand why I would have scarrng on my intestines? Never had any abdominal surgeries. The reason I am inquiring or wondering if I have celiac disease is because I’ve been having terrible bouts with diarrhea (explosive) and constipation, it is either one extreme or the other. Also, I have had anemia. Most recently over the last year low blood sugar. Also, I have a blood cousin with Chrohn’s disease and another cousin with Type 1 Diabetes. My diarrhea is so bad that sometimes I can barely make it to a restroom. I was asking my RE if there is any disease of the intestines that would be causing my infertility and pain. He kind of “blew me off”. I have switched Reproductive endocrinologists 3 times now. I am starting to get very frustrated. I don’t think it would hurt me to try a gluten free diet?!? Is there a blood test that I can do to determine if I have celiac disease? The reason, I want to try this diet is because celiac disease is one of the only things left that I have not been tested for in regards to my infertility. I know this because I applied to be in a clinical trial at New Hope Fertility Center in New York. The genetic Test for celiac disease is required before they can decide on keeping you as a participant. I meet with my doctor this coming friday and I was wondering if you have any research articles related to infertility and Celiac Disease? Also, if you could give me the name of the test that I need done? My insurance does not cover infertility treatment so, maybe I should go through a GI specialist to have this test done? I heard it is expensive. Thanks so much for your help!

    06 Jun

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