Restoring Your Optimal Health is Our Goal

HealthNOW is a multi-disciplinary medical center. Our ultimate goal is to restore you to optimal health.
We have several tools at our disposal to accomplish that goal.  You may require one, two or more of these tools for your personal program.  That’s the beauty of what we call “The Science of Feeling Good Again” – each program is tailored for you individually because you are unique, your health history is unique and so are your goals.

Once we’ve met with you and determined what needs to be done, our team of doctors will sit down and create your tailor-made program.

Some of the services we provide include:

Internal Medicine

– Vitamin B12 shots
– B complex shots
Prolotherapy (Reconstructive Therapy) – an advanced therapy for joint inflammation, weakness and pain

Clinical Nutrition

Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease


Weight Loss Programs

Physical Therapy

– Orthopedic Physical Therapy
– Neurological Physical Therapy
– Pediatric Physical Therapy


Fitness Programs

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