Dislike Drugs? Get Healthy With Clinical Nutrition

Are You Tired of Taking Drugs?Tired of taking drugs

Here’s a classic example of what we see on a daily basis in our practice. A patient comes in complaining of:

• fatigue

• trouble sleeping

• headaches

• weight gain

• sore joints

• seasonal allergies

• depression

taking several medications to treat the discomfort associated with those symptoms. We know that drugs offer only temporary results and come with many, often dangerous, side effects. But what should one do when drugs are the only treatment offered? It is a predicament, but not when you know a good clinical nutritionist!

We Treat the Root Cause Naturally

Would you ever think that the long list of complaints listed above could have a common root cause? The beauty of clinical nutrition is that it is designed to find and treats the underlying root cause of health problems naturally. No drugs are typically required and the increased feeling of well-being is dramatic.

Do You Need Clinical Nutrition?

If it makes sense to you that having symptoms is not normal and masking them is just a temporary measure, then clinical nutrition is a powerful method of optimizing the body’s function.  Too often we become numb or resigned to having our symptoms, simply because the traditional medical model of taking a pill has not been successful. Your body is designed to function well with good energy and vitality.  If it’s not then it needs help.  We are happy to provide that assistance.

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What About the ‘Quick Fix’ that Drugs Offer?

Research tells us that much of the health problems that Americans suffer from are a direct result of poor diet and lifestyle. Changing diet and lifestyle is not difficult and it requires no drugs or surgery – that’s the good news.  The bad news is that it doesn’t involve the ‘quick fix’ of simply swallowing a pill. Feeling good again through clinical nutrition is a slower process it’s true, but at least it isn’t temporary nor does it have dangerous side effects.

Clinical nutrition employs a root cause approach.  Certified clinical nutritionists are trained to discover the underlying root cause of the problem and, whenever possible, treat it with a natural method. What’s exciting about this is that a single root cause often underlies more than one symptom, meaning that just because you suffer with many different symptoms does not mean that you will require many different treatments. Typically one or two root causes underlie a lifetime of health complaints.

We Have a Medical Doctor and Nutritionists Working Together as a Team

Here at HealthNOW the Clinical Nutrition department is composed of a medical doctor, a doctor of naturopathy and certified clinical nutritionists. These doctors work together as a team to determine the best approach to resolve your health problems. After an in-depth examination and state-of-the-art laboratory testing, a diagnosis is made and a tailor made treatment plan is created.

Treatment Results Aren’t Temporary

Conditions including digestive problems and hormonal imbalance to autoimmune disease and allergies to Clinical Nutrition gets you feeling good againskin conditions and exhaustion are all treated successfully. The treatment may not involve the quick change that a drug affords, but when a condition is resolved the result will not be temporary and, most importantly, you will understand how to keep it that way.

We like to say that you leave with “The Care and Feeding Manual” for your body at the completion of your program. You not only feel good again but you know how to maintain it.

If you want to experience such treatment for yourself, give us a call.

Are you tired of taking drugs?
Are the treatments offered to you only masking your symptoms?

Get care that treats the root cause of your problems naturally & effectively.

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