Get Out of Pain with Physical Therapy

“I didn’t know physical therapy could do that!”

That’s what many patients say who came to our clinic complaining of chronic pain, numbness, stiffness or loss of flexibility.

Most people don’t really know what physical therapy is—or how it relieves pain. But it definitely does! Not only that, but it can get rid of it for good.

Are you suffering with chronic (or acute) back, neck, shoulder or knee pain?  Do you find it difficult to complete everyday tasks because of pain, stiffness or numbness when you want to be more active?

If so, Physical Therapy can resolve that!

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a treatment that improves or restores physical function and fitness level. It addresses the muscles, nerves and joints.

It is mostly known for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery because it reduces muscle tension and strengthens weak muscles.

But Physical Therapy is much more than that!

It also treats chronic pain, stiffness, disease and deformity by physical methods (massage, heat/cold, exercise, etc.) rather than by drugs or surgery. We also use it to 1) prevent surgery when possible, and 2) prepare the patient for surgery when it’s necessary, allowing for better recovery afterwards.

It allows you to move better and enables you to complete everyday tasks without pain or difficulty.

A wide variety of conditions are treated, ranging from orthopedic to neurological, and from pediatric to sports.
Many physical therapy methods are available here at our clinic, including the following.

We perform hands-on manual therapy:

•  Neuromuscular Re-education
•  Myofascial Release
•  Trigger Point Therapy
•  Joint Mobilization
•  Active Release Technique (ART)
•  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
•  Manual Traction

Other methods we use:

•  Deep Friction Instruments
•  Therapeutic Exercise
•  Traction
•  Electrotherapy
•  Heat/Cold Treatment
•  Kinesio Taping
•  Whole Body Vibration Technology
•  PneuBack Chair™
•  PnueMex Unweighting System

Why Our Success Rate is So High

At HealthNOW, our Physical Therapy Department consists of a highly trained professional team who excel in diagnosis and treatment through the utilization of a broad range of techniques. The result? Successful treatment of pain and disease—as well as prevention.

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy is also a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist. (Only 6,000 doctors of this specialty exist in the United States at this writing).

The department embraces the belief that physical therapy should integrate examination, history, analysis, and restoration of normal motion and function. To this end, “hands on” treatment (manual therapy) consists of 30 minutes at each visit. This is a departure from many physical therapists who spend the majority of their time treating their patients with ultrasound and ice packs.

Our initial approach is to rule out serious disease, establish what limitations exist, make an accurate diagnosis, and create a baseline for monitoring progress. The objective examination received by all patients obtains quantifiable measurements that aid in the above mentioned diagnosis, treatment and measurement of progress.

Diagnostics we use:

•  Computerized Foot Scanning
•  Electronic Range of Motion
•  Electronic Muscle Testing
•  Computerized Posture Analysis
•  Gait Analysis (a walking assessment)
•  Ergonomic Assessment
•  Orthotic Fittings (for foot and ankle alignment)
•  Fitness Assessment
•  Hand Dynanometry (for hand strength)
•  EKG (a recording of the electrical activity of the heart)

Our physical therapy staff are not only trained in various exercise techniques, but they have specialized machines at their disposal which retrain muscles for optimum functioning.

Every patient has a personalized regimen created to address their particular needs. Goals are set and progress is monitored every step of the way. Those patients committed to wellness have enjoyed great benefits from following their individualized program. They enjoy coming for treatment because they witness the progress they are making.

A patient receiving physical therapy may be solely on a physical therapy program, or their treatment may be part of a broader program including chiropractic, internal medicine, clinical nutrition or even naturopathic medicine.  Each program is designed uniquely for the you.

Getting to the Root Cause

Getting out of pain is one thing—but getting out of pain FOR GOOD is an entirely different thing. If you’ve had chronic low back pain, for example, you know how debilitating and exhausting it can be. Your ability to perform basic, daily activities is severely compromised. If you’ve taken medications and only noticed temporary relief, you are not alone in your frustration.

Masking the pain with a drug is not getting to the root cause of the problem. Our clinic addresses the cause of the problem and resolves it at its source.

A good analogy: Imagine that you are walking along and there is a small pebble inside your shoe. You are in pain, and the more you keep walking, it gets harder and harder to do so. You could swallow a pill to relieve the pain—or you can simply remove the pebble from your shoe. It was a “mechanical” problem.

Physical Therapy is the same in that it takes a mechanical approach. We don’t just mask your pain, we get rid of it for good by correcting what was causing it in the first place.

There is no reason for you to continue suffering in pain. If you have seen other physical therapists, but the pain keeps coming back, then try our approach to find its root cause and get rid of it—permanently.

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