Dr. Anya de la Motte

Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Anya de la Motte is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, having graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. 

Education and background

Her undergraduate studies were in the fields of General Science and Psychology at Portland State University where she received her Bachelor degree.

Prior to joining the team at HealthNOW Medical Center, Dr. de la Motte had a private practice in Philadelphia, PA for 4 years. 

Dr. de la Motte’s approach to treatment is based on the five principles of Naturopathic medicine: First, to do no harm. Second, stimulate the healing power of nature. Third, treat the root cause. Fourth, treat the person as a whole and design an individualized plan. Fifth, practice and teach the principles of preventive medicine and healthy living.

She works to determine and address the underlying root cause of a patient’s health challenge and then meets her patients at their level of understanding and guides them to broader awareness in their health journey.

Dr. Anya incorporates a variety of treatment modalities including dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, physical medicine and hydrotherapy. She believes that proper nutrition is the key to good health and that it is critical to a patient’s well-being. She targets such stressors as food allergens, infections and toxins through her treatment methods.

Her overall philosophy of healthcare is based on personal and social responsibility. She encourages her patients to take responsibility for their own health and for their environment. When awareness precedes treatment, there is a real opportunity to solve existing health problems and prevent future illness.

The Unconventional Approach:

Dr. de la Motte believes in a deeper search. While there are many excellent healthcare providers who work very hard to help their patients, as a naturopathic doctor she looks at patients in a fresh new way and works with health problems differently than most other health professionals.

Guided by her naturopathic medical training and clinical experience, she identifies and addresses the root cause of a patient’s health concern. This approach gives her patients a real chance at achieving a cure.

The Radical Idea:

Dr Anya de la Motte treats the whole individual and not his or her body part or condition. Therefore, she does not fight disease, treat numbers, follow algorithms, or control symptoms. Real health concerns can not be addressed in a "canned, planned" practice of medicine, and treatment can not be condensed to the size of the prescription pad.

A whole-person evaluation and individualized plan of action are prerequisites for lasting and optimal health. Naturopathic Medicine has the potential to fill the gap in effective prevention and treatment of not so straightforward conditions. The naturopathic paradigm creates the opportunity for the patient to be exceptionally informed, in control of their health, and in a partnership with their doctor in solving their chronic health challenges.

The Goal:

Dr. de la Motte strives to improve the lives of people around her. She offers the same opportunities to her patients that she offers to the members of her family... the chance to feel better, live better, and be healthy. She strives to make naturopathic medicine the norm (not the alternative) in medical care. Owing to its ability to bridge the healing power of nature with the latest advances in science, naturopathic medicine should be the first prerogative in healthcare, not the last resort!


In her spare time, Dr. Anya likes to spend time with her husband and young son, cooking, reading, exploring nature, hiking and biking. She is also a member of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association and American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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