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“I have had startling results from reconstructive therapy for a variety of physical injuries. I am a young physical fitness instructor who is very ‘self-aware’ and have tried all sorts of other treatments with only partial success. I cannot say how grateful I am for this treatment and am an avid fan of it. Here’s my story:

Reconstructive therapy was first recommended to me by Dr Vikki to treat a shoulder condition that’s commonly called ‘shoulder separation’. Simply lying on the floor propped up on an elbow would trigger the problem. I’d get up from that position to find my shoulder joint out of place and an extremely painful ‘crunch’ would follow to put it back. It wasn’t that bad to begin with, but each time this happened it got worse as the ligaments that hold my shoulder blade and clavicle together stretch, and allow them to slide out of place again more easily. It got to a point where I would wake up out of bed almost every morning having to crunch them back in place (both eventually went out). I thought it would never go away. After the first session with Dr Carrie, the shoulder problem improved noticeably and continued to improve with more treatments. It hasn’t gone out of place for many months now.

During these sessions, I quizzed Dr Carrie about other conditions I had and we started treating them too. I had no idea before that such treatment even existed – and it could tackle them all. Here’s my list:

* the most disabling injury I had was a knee problem. I sustained this after running miles downhill with a heavy backpack, and it just never went away. Years later, it would flare up after a few miles into a hike. Pain would start on the side of the knee and would just get worse until I stopped walking, which isn’t an option halfway into a hike. I would come home limping in pain for weeks before it calmed down. I tried a lot of treatments – some with moderate success – but nothing that just zapped it in the butt! It would creep back, and it basically prevented me from hiking – something I loved to do and should be able to do at my age. My knee responded so well to treatment it is still hard to believe. I think after two treatments the problem disappeared. We did treat it a few more times than that, but in any case, the knee problem vanished. Thicker, stronger tendons were the answer and I now have them. Yay!
* A long time ago, I had dislocated my right shoulder. I had some good treatment for it over the years, but it was still sloppy and a bit unstable. I had learned to live with it. Dr Carrie’s injections around the joint had extremely good results. Before treatment, I had to be careful – for example, things like dips in the gym I couldn’t do and I’d feel it pop out of place sometimes when reaching too far during freestyle swimming. After treatment, my right shoulder became more solid than my left!! … which I had never injured. This prompted me to get a bit of treatment for my left shoulder as well, to strengthen it and prevent any future problems. I don’t even think about my shoulders anymore, as they are nice and stable. How cool is that?
* I always suffered from weak wrists in my life, and had a wrist problem for a few years that eventually cleared up. More recently I tried water skiing and came back with wrist problems again which cleared up after two months. Weeks later I was carrying bricks around the house and they went out again! It was frustrating. I am strong enough to lift but my wrists blow out under load. Dr Carrie took a look and thought treatment would help. My wrists had always been sloppy and would naturally crack frequently. She treated them and it was startling to experience the transformation. Tendons that were once sloppy (like a rubber-band that isn’t stretched) became thicker and tighter. My wrists stopped cracking, and I can now lift those heavy dumbbells in the gym without feeling my wrists shift under the load. I am really happy.
* I developed something like ‘tennis elbow’ from playing squash. I had the problem for a few months prior to treatment and it cleared up pretty quickly.
* A common problem for weight lifters is tendonitis along the inner forearm (attachments to ulna) from working your elbow flexors (aka working your biceps). Guys get them all the time in the gym and I was no exception. It can be quite painful and last for weeks. I suggested we “shoot em up” (you can tell I was really keen by then) with good results. As of this writing, I have only had one treatment so far – but I am confident it’s not my imagination that the problem has improved. More time and treatments are needed to be sure though.

One aspect of this treatment is that it is painful – but it sounds a lot more painful than it actually is. I am a big baby when it comes to pain, but I looked forward to every treatment and was always buzzing with enthusiasm during treatment too. It’s really not that bad. Dr Carrie was very good at administering the injections, I had a good time laughing with her too. She made the whole experience quite pleasant.

Needless to say, I absolutely and highly recommend this treatment.”


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“As an athlete, Reconstructive Therapy has been a savior. Although I’m not injury prone, playing soccer all-year-round does bring about quite a few knocks and an occasional sprain. Especially after a sprain, the contrast between using Reconstructive Therapy and not using it is very noticeable. The time of recovery from injuries is also much shorter. Not only that, but after therapy, the affected joint feels stronger than it did before it got injured.

Simply, I would recommend this therapy for anyone, whether an athlete or not, it is the best reconstructive method I have ever come across.”


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