Success Stories | Gluten Intolerance & Celiac Disease

One of our most gratifying rewards is to see dramatic improvement in the health of our patients. It is truly our reason for doing what we do each day.

Each and every success gladdens our hearts!

Many of our patients have chosen to share their experience of renewed health by writing a success story.  They wish to educate and encourage those who are just beginning care or contemplating starting a program. We think you will find them quite inspirational.

If you want to see successes that address your problem see the drop down below

NO tiredness, LOTS of energy, NO pains!

“The doctors never gave up on me, even though I live 2 ½ hours away and couldn't visit often, they continued to check in on me with ‘How are you doing NOW?’
Well, with the most recent discovery that I am very carbohydrate sensitive, I FINALLY feel HEALTHY again. NO tiredness, LOTS of energy, no pains, no stomach aches, no sinus problems … YEAH!!!!

C.K.Photographer, Sacramento

They believed in me!

“When not ONE doctor at my old hospital believed I had Celiac Disease, HealthNow did. They take the time to listen to you and not only find a way to help you, but they teach you how to help yourself. Health Now, you have honestly saved my life and the words I’m writing now still don’t fully express how grateful I am to you. I would either be long gone, or terminally ill without the help I have received.”


I was going blind but now I can see without glasses!

“With my gluten sensitivity, my body has gone through much deterioration. The back of my retinas had holes in them. I was actually going blind! I called Kaiser but I was told they couldn’t do anything and that I would only get worse. With the help of HealthNOW, the holes in my retinas have been healed and I can even see without glasses! I trust HealthNOW Medical. They have been incredible.”


Thank you doctors!

“There is just no way to say thank you for giving me my life back. What a gift these two doctors have to unravel very illusive issues that can make you feel like part of the “walking dead”. Dr. Petersen and Dr. Mousseau, thank you a million times.”

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