Nutrition Testimonials

One of our most gratifying rewards is to see dramatic improvement in the health of our patients. It is truly our reason for doing what we do each day.

Each and every success gladdens our hearts!

Many of our patients have chosen to share their experience of renewed health by writing a success story.  They wish to educate and encourage those who are just beginning care or contemplating starting a program. We think you will find them quite inspirational.

Future free of suffering!

“I have been prescribed hundreds of drugs, many of which have made me sicker than my original ailments.Thanks to HeathNow, I am now nearly OFF my steroids and feel incredible. I feel like I have a future to live into now – a future full of new found happiness and vigor, the possibility of children and a future free of suffering! ”


A true lifesaver!

“I have been suffering for many years with illness, having been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Hypothyroidism, Asthma, and Osteoporosis. . Since visiting the clinic a month ago, I am showing marked improvement, and I consider HealthNOW Medical Center to be a true lifesaver!”


Regained my zest for life!

“It has been 8 weeks since my first appointment and I felt unbelievable. I’m eating better than I ever have. I feel like I’m 20 years younger, my body is waking up, starting to feel well on a regular basis, and is happy! The best part – spiritually I feel like someone has lifted a pair of 300 pound boulders from my shoulders. I’ve regained my zest for life and I’m so excited as its only going to get better! ”


I've discovered the secret to life!

“In the first 7 weeks of my program I lost 33 pounds and my body mass index category dropped from “obese” to merely “overweight”. This weight loss caused my pant size to drop from a 46 waist to a 38 waist and even my neck size dropped an inch and a half. I’m beyond thrilled with these results; it feels like I’ve discovered the secret to life! ”


No more fatigue and moodiness!

“Within days of going on a modified elimination diet, I felt more energy, less fatigue, and even a lot less moodiness! I didn’t know exactly what the key was until my lab tests came back, but I knew they’d hit on something important. I am, literally, a new woman.”

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