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Fast and Easy Sauteed Kale with Shallots

"Kale is a superfood". "Kale is good for you." We have all heard these things. But what I also hear, too often, from my patients is "I don't like kale." I find the distaste for greens mostly stems from childhood when a person was served greens that were poorly cooked, typically overcooked. No one would like steamed, stringy, overcooked greens. This sauteed kale with shallots recipe is truly delicious, super easy and fast. Even if you don't think you like kale, I bet you'll enjoy this one!

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HealthNOW Success Story: How To Overcome Anxiety And Depression And Pain!

Watch this amazing video of a patient who suffered with unrelenting pain, anxiety and depression for years - it ruined her life. She was given drugs that did nothing but make her worse. She found HealthNOW and Root Cause Medicine and is now 90% improved and regaining her life as a wife, mother of three and realtor. We would love to help you regain your health. Contact us for a free phone consultation or in-house appointment - call 408-733-0400.

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